Retail Investments

Retail investments is a thriving sector, with a wide range of market participants all looking to capture the customer balance sheet. Firms are looking at where and how they participate in the value chain, understanding the service offerings and delivery mechanisms required to attract and engage the customer. A significant financial education and engagement gap remains, presenting opportunities for organisations to better serve those needs in the future. Financial ‘advice’ experiences will evolve as digital and integrated propositions transform how customers are supported in the future.

How we support our clients

Alpha provides experienced teams with a mixture of consulting and industry expertise to help organisations solve their most complex challenges and support growth and value creation in their business.

Typical Client Challenges

  • Establishing a market participation strategy.
  • Redesigning the target operating model.
  • Delivering enterprise-wide transformation.
  • Embedding technology enabled transformation.
  • Driving marketing winning distribution transformation.
  • Delivering digital solutions across the organisation.
  • Managing risk and regulation effectively.
  • Redesigning the customer and client experience.
  • Designing attractive propositions.
  • Delivering effective pre-deal due diligence and extracting value from post-deal integration.

Our Experts