The non-life industry is facing major challenges, such as the emergence of new risks, increasingly demanding regulation and rapidly changing rates in today's market. Alpha’s experience and capabilities across the non-life market enables us to help our clients anticipate and meet the challenges that position our clients’ businesses for success.

How we support our clients

Alpha Insurance has significant experience working with non-life insurers across a range of challenges. Our unique blend of skills and expertise, enables us to provide experienced teams who can deliver for our clients and help optimise their business.

Typical Client Challenges

  • Managing the target operating model value chain and non-life accounting transformation.
  • Uncovering cost efficiency – applying our industry insights and benchmarks to optimize the organisation’s costs.
  • Delivering product innovation – helping develop innovative products and propositions aligned with emerging market demands and integrating third-party solutions seamlessly.
  • Developing solutions to collecting, securing and ensuring reliable client information to underwriting teams enabling strategic use of data.
  • Developing new product and proposition offerings alongside complementary services tailored to meet client’s specific needs.
  • Managing the regulatory agenda – making sure that the right decisions are made informed by understanding and interpreting the different regulations.

Our Experts