Life & Health

The life and health market is constantly evolving, with market fluctuations directly impacting insurance companies' performance, necessitating constant monitoring. Managing interest rate growth and risk is crucial as it can reduce premiums for clients but also poses risk management challenges. Through Alpha’s understanding of the financial markets and regulatory obligations we provide relevant advice to help our clients manage the impact of interest rates and adhere to regulatory standards.

How we support our clients

Alpha has significant experience working with life and health insurers across a range of challenges. Our consultants have expertise in asset management of life and health products and have in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and country-specific regulations, guaranteeing a tailor-made approach to each engagement.

Typical Client Challenges

  • Optimising distribution channels – Assessing distribution effectiveness, aligning it with your corporate goals.
  • Uncovering Cost Efficiency – Applying our industry insights and benchmarks to optimise your organisation’s costs.
  • Driving Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – Leveraging our extensive life and health BPO experience to find the right partners and optimise transitions and transformations.
  • Delivering Product Innovation – Helping develop innovative products and propositions aligned with emerging market demands and integrating third-party solutions seamlessly.
  • Enabling Digital Transformation – Making the case for and implementing digital strategies aligned with your overall business goals.
  • Redesigning the Client Experience – Defining personas, processes, and journeys to deliver a seamless omni-channel client experience.

Our Experts