Insurance brokers remain an important conduit to enable placement of risk. While the broker market faces a common set of challenges, implications and responses vary by segment among global players, mid-tier broker and niche and specialist players​. Internal challenges include an inability to drive revenue, high operational costs, a greater need for advanced tools and core system modernisation. Our insurance consulting experience across the broking value chain enables us to anticipate these challenges and best prepare the businesses for future success.

How we support our clients

Through Alpha’s deep insurance consulting and industry expertise in the Insurance Broker market, we provide experienced teams who can deliver on a range of areas to help clients optimise their business.

Typical Client Challenges

  • Effective strategy definition and delivery.
  • Redesigning the target operating model.
  • Delivering enterprise-wide transformation.
  • Driving cost optimisation across the value-chain.
  • Adopting rather than adapting technology enabled transformation.
  • Driving continuous product and proposition innovation.
  • Delivering digital solutions across the organisation.
  • Redesigning the customer and client experience.
  • Delivering effective pre-deal due-diligence and extracting value from post-deal integration;

Our Experts