Sustainability and ESG

Alpha works to help our clients navigate the ever evolving ESG landscape by providing actionable advice on what is need-to-know and need-to-do. We help deliver clear, authentic and future proofed ESG strategies, and, through our deep industry and functional expertise, we support our clients to build and embed ESG business models that are agile and adaptable and ensure success is sustained into the future.

Key Challenges

ESG models have undergone a journey of developing maturity, broadening adoption, and increasing societal profile in recent years, the industry has been challenged to differentiate ‘market chatter’ from the commercial implications and wider social potential of ESG. As the landscape evolves, we work alongside our clients to address key challenges including how they:

  • Develop their strategic direction
  • Meet evolving regulatory requirements
  • Embed ESG practices within their operating model
  • Optimise ESG performance and ratings
  • Align their client service strategy with their own ESG ambitions


Key Focus Areas

Understanding ESG and the competitive landscape

  • By cutting through the noise to understand the key ESG trends for the sector, identify the steps peers are taking and understand how the technology landscape is evolving to enable data-driven decision making and monitor progress against ESG strategies.

Defining and executing an authentic and responsible strategy

  • Support aligning stakeholder motivations and priorities, gaining buy-in across the organisation whilst developing an authentic ESG vision and strategy that can be communicated to all stakeholders.

Embedding ESG within underwriting and Investment activities

  • Ensuring alignment between underwriting and investment strategies, ESG ambitions and regulatory requirements to develop propositions and client services that incorporate ESG and take advantage of opportunities in the market.

Embedding ESG operationally

  • Develop and implement robust operating models that embed ESG practices and drive forward ESG strategies; supported by a governance model that ensures these are delivered effectively; whilst optimising ESG data management through an end-to-end data model and technology architecture.
  • Find out more about our Business Design and Change capability and Technology capability. 

Regulatory compliance

  • Providing horizon scanning for regulatory requirements and voluntary code standards across jurisdictions to help our clients understand what regulations and standards are impacting their organisation.

Outcomes & Benefits

Detailed analysis of the competitor market landscape and the key ESG trends driving peer strategies.
Comprehensive breakdown of the key regulatory requirements and voluntary directives, supporting businesses on how they should respond.
A clearly defined and authentic ESG strategy that communicates progress, priorities and commitments.
A business model that embeds ESG practices and successfully drives forward ESG strategies.

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