Customer Digital and Data

The digital revolution continues for insurance and retail investment firms as customers demand greater digital engagement and personalisation. We help our clients define the art of the possible for customer experience by helping them to develop digitally enabled propositions and embed cutting edge technology such as AI across their business to better serve their customers.

Key Challenges

Alpha helps our clients address several key challenges including how they:

  • Maintain and improve the customer experience through digital adoption and technology
  • Adapt to technological enhancements and embed cutting edge technology
  • Leverage and manage data to better serve and understand the customer
  • Develop innovative propositions tailored to their customers


Key Focus Areas

Customer research and experience

  • Market research and ‘focus group’ testing. Design of customer personas and journeys as a foundation for product and service design.

Service delivery model

  • Designing service delivery experience and processes that deliver CX outcomes, enabled through tech and digital.

Digital design and delivery

  • Transitioning to a ‘digital by default’ operating model to deliver a consistent multi-channel experience.

Product and proposition development

  • Designing future proofed products and propositions which meet the needs of insurance and retail investment customers customers and deliver value for money.

AI centre of excellence and governance

  • Creating an understanding of customers that drives insight-based decision-making.

Outcomes & Benefits

Competitive market positioning.
Actionable insights into customer needs and wider market trends.
Customer centric business model.
Enhanced and personalised customer experience.
Product and proposition strategy aligned to overall strategic narrative.
Future proofed business.
Increased data competency including enhanced quality, management and integration.
AI use case factory that continually drives innovation to “wow” the customer (agents, brokers, insured).

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